UI/UX design trends 2021

The world around us has changed. There will no longer be “as before”. 

The pandemic that has taken over the world has become the main trend that has already made its own adjustments in all spheres of life. 

The digital world has ceased to be as abstract and virtual as it was before. It has become a new reality. In the context of limited social contacts, digital technologies have become our irreplaceable assistants. 

Medical appointment booking, banking, remote work, ordering groceries, holding business meetings, even concerts and theaters have gone online.

 Of course, this causes a number of inconveniences and rejection on the part of new users who are forced to use digital services. But it also sets digital solutions trends both in UI&UX design and development in 2021. 

Competition in the market is growing along with the increase in the number of users. The winner is the one who cares about a positive user experience. 

The UI/UX design trends of 2021 are extremely binary, transitional. We have collected the most interesting for you below:

UX design trends 2021

1. Heading for a friendly UX

It should be clear and simple for the user. That’s all. Do not force him to think hard. Within the context of the everyday world, which is highly overloaded with information, the last thing you need to spend time on is finding where to leave a comment on the order. It will be easier to order in another store.

Use additional tools to help the user:

2. From emotions to sense

A new and a highly-popular trend. Previously, brands took the user’s attention only with emotions. And it’s outdated. The world is full of emotions. The more brands influence social life, the more important it is what spirit they carry. A modern UI/UX should convey the sense and mission of the brand. Make it more valuable for the end user.

From emotions to sense

3. Don’t just talk, show it

The brand’s tone of voice is important and should be visible. Use visuals for the brand presentation, as part of the animation. Complement the landing pages with liven up videos.


4. Clear UX texts

Write in a clear and simple language that will not trigger a question.

Clear UX texts1

Clear UX texts

Clear UX texts

5. Ethics and inclusiveness

Finally, the world has begun to think more broadly and accept everyone as equal. Tolerance has not only become a trend, but a part of the educated world. Ethics research and accessibility testing have become an integral part of the development; don’t miss this stage in the project planning.

6. Taking care of the mental part

There are more and more studies appearing about the negative impact of gadgets and metropolises on the emotional state of people. Taking care of the user’s emotional state and preserving his resources may become a must-have of the coming seasons.

7. Minimalism in navigation

Voice control and as little text as possible – now everyone needs asceticism and new forms of interaction.

Minimalism in navigation

Minimalism in navigation

UI Design Trends 2021

1.Black-n-White dress code

Dark mode, which entered the market in 2020 has become the main trend of the past year. All major companies have shown updates with the ability to choose a dark theme. This trend remains stable in 2021.

The use of dark colors in the background allows to favorably emphasize design elements, less irritating to the eyes and more pleasant for long-term use of the service.

The reverse side of this coin is the use of a white background. Thanks to this color mode, it is easy to highlight any color accent and create a feeling of a bright atmosphere. 

The winner is the one who will give users the opportunity to choose a mode. 

Black-n-White dress code

Black-n-White dress code

Black-n-White dress code

Black-n-White dress code

2. Play of colors

The natural palette with bright, flashy accents attracts the most attention. Futuristic colors – blue, purple and bright pink, give the design a sense of the fantastic radiance. Use bold color combinations to make web design literally jump out of the screen. This trend is particularly evident in duochromic web design.  

3.Spirit of madness

Sometimes it’s good to fool around. If your brand takes liberties, you can use an ultra modern style. Switch creativity to the maximum and all liberties are allowed.

Flashy incompatible colors – why not?

Asymmetric layout, three-dimensional objects, the game of fonts and elements that overlap each other? Great! 

 Play of colors UI design trends

4. Engage an artist

Hand-drawn illustrations will perfectly emphasize the quality of photo and video elements. Exclusive graphics will attract attention to the product and make it memorable. Add animation, and you have the upper hand on the market! 

5. Style Icons

2021 is exactly the year of the technologies and digital solutions’. Therefore, everything should be thought out to the last pixel. Do not use different icons or stock solutions. Use the ready-made library, or include the development of the icon concept in the brand book. Several solutions can be found here:

6. Airy and easy

The trend for interfaces loaded with details has definitely remained in the world without masks. A minimum of objects, a lot of free space. The play of light and shadow, which will allow to create a sense of elements lightness – this is what you need to strive for in 2021.

Airy and easy

7. Expand the space

The elements of three-dimensional space have been fascinating users for a long time. But as VR and AR technologies go forward, the popularity of immersive 3D elements will only grow. Such UI can give the user a completely new experience and will stand out in minds.  The ability to implement 3D elements in augmented reality makes the transition from the old to the new even brighter and highlights how our world has changed. It is in the hands of designers that it is possible to combine two dimensions

8. Bold typography

The text is no longer just a set of words. Now this is an image that can attract all the attention. Large fonts, different fonts, asymmetric layout.

9. Ground-glass effect

A modern trend that fits perfectly into the concept of minimalism, lightness and bright colors. The effect of ground-glass or glassmorphism, blur and blurred background allow to focus on functional elements and do not distract attention.

10. Quality mark

The ability to play high-quality videos and photos is not a phenomenon any more, but the norm. Therefore, no one in 2021 will forgive you for the low quality media content. Free stock photos are also unlikely to help create a sample of digital art. Exclusive photo art, specially shot photos. High-quality media incorporated in the technology interface is the motto of this design year.

It is necessary to separately highlight the main design trends 2021:

The main rule of UI/UX design at all times, which is not affected by trends:

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