How to create a cool resume?
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How to create a cool resume?

Work in the IT sphere is what many young and growing minds want today. To get a job in such a popular and booming industry, you need to properly present your skills to the employer. For this, you need a resume – thoughtful and carefully written. Let’s discuss how a candidate’s ideal resume should look like – and not only for IT guy.

#1 It is better to write in English

We think here it is not necessary to explain why. The world of IT is connected with the English language, and the resume in it will show your willingness to join this IT-world.

#2 Enter the name in the document title

It should be immediately clear that this is your resume. For example “Resume_Petrov_Java”.

#3 Resume should be short and informative

All over the world, it is assumed that 10 years of work experience accounts for approximately 1 page of text. Of course, if you have very little experience, do not limit yourself to two lines, but do not try to get some water. Overstating your merit out of nothing is always very noticeable. 

#4 Adds previous jobs

In chronological order, starting with the last, list all your work experience, as well as places of study and advanced training. Add courses, lectures, show that you like and want to develop.

#5 Choose a photo carefully

At the top of the resume page must be a photo, and what it will be is very important. Choose a business style, portrait option. Maybe in the shooting studio. Do not try to make some impression of yourself with your employer, do not use defiant, everyday photos, etc. You are considered primarily as a specialist, as a valuable resource. So leave a selfie and a photo with your dog for Instagram. By the way, speaking of social networks.

#6 If you wish, specify your social network

Today many applicants add links to their social networks because it also helps to make a portrait of a person. What you write there, what photos you expose can tell a lot about you. Even if you did not point your account in the resume, you will most likely be found and studied. So “clean” everything that may cause questions to you, as a good job seeker. Or leave everything as it is and remain yourself, just be prepared that your private life will be also considered.

#7 Structure all information

The structure of the document should be intuitive, and the text should be easy to read. Contact information should be also visible. We offer the following sequence:

  • Full name, a photo
  • personal data
  • the purpose/position you are applying for
  • experience
  • education
  • skills
  • additional information if necessary
  • personal qualities and main hobbies
  • recommendations

#8 Write a cover letter

This is the best way to stand out from the crowd of applicants and show the employer your desire to get a job in his company. It is worth talking about your motivation, aspirations, and readiness for this work. Try not to write boring, forget about standard phrases and stamps. Let you be pleasant and interesting to read.

#9 Check for spelling mistakes

It sounds strange, but the truth is that there is at least one mistake in almost half of the resumes. Of course, mistakes are a human factor, and if you make a mistake in a word, this should not mean that you are a bad manager/developer/designer. But it is really glaring and it becomes unclear what the problem was to double-check everything? In the practice of global companies do not consider such resumes at all, even if they are cool in content. Re-read your resume and check for mistakes.

A resume is not everything. To learn more about successful employment and the steps that you need to go through, wait for our article “How to get a job in IT. If it is useful, and thanks to our advice, you wrote a great resume – write your stories and tips in the comments.