Brand identity: what is it and why is it needed?
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Brand identity: what is it and why is it needed?

You provide services at a decent level, but there are hundreds of competing companies in your niche. How to stand out, extinguish competitors and make your brand be known? “People judge the book by its cover”. And what about the company? Corporate identity makes your own and unique cover. Provide your company with an exclusive style, approach that will attract, create positive impressions from customers and highlight it among other competitors.

Brand identity is an instrument of image formation, a visual display of the company activities, its proposals, values, as well as confirmation of reliability and high status.

Brand identity is displayed in the design of documentation, virtual and office space, as well as in all communications. Own style speaks about the seriousness of the company, creates a reputation and increases the level of trust. The competently developed corporate style will work for your company for years.

Day after day, it increases brand awareness, attracts new customers and partners, improves business efficiency.

From advantage to necessity

Why do you need this corporate style, and does the result worth the investment? Think about the Apple company. A sensational silver apple appeared in your thoughts and the slogan “Think different” comes to your mind, right? You read the name “Coca-Cola” – and you already see a bottle with a red label and the inscription in white italics. Or maybe even the native luminous truck with the brand logo and reminder of the New Year holidays has already gone.

Mercedes, Disney, McDonald’s, Google, Facebook – you have already imagined each company’s logo. And now think about what will happen if these brands suddenly change their brand identity, including logos. Will the recognition fall down? Definitely, customers have already formed associations.

This implies two rules for successful development of the company:

  • Individual style is the foundation of the company. It should be developed with high quality and for a long time, and therefore you should entrust this service to professionals.
  • The company develops, often expands. Designers, marketers, and advertisers who work on your project take this into account. If you decide to save money, you should be prepared for the fact that the corporate identity will no longer display the activities of the company or simply will not suit you. And this requires more expenses again, not only for the development of a new style but also for a new image formation in the customer mind. All mentioned might lead to budget increases.

What does the brand identity include?

Required elements of brand identity are:

  • The brand name – the main verbal identifier and the basis for the logo.
  • The logo – a visual element of brand identity, the “face” of the company.
  • The color palette – a required element that ensures the unity of the brand on all possible carriers.
  • Corporate attribute – the main carriers of the style: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

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