AR – why you should apply this damn useful technology
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AR – why you should apply this damn useful technology

What is AR and how can it be useful for your business? You know, it’s one of the damn coolest technologies people have now. We want to talk about this with concrete examples and convince you that it’s worth taking advantage of such opportunities today.

The technology of a new sort of convenience

AR or augmented reality is the technology of introducing virtual information into the field of human perception, which is perceived by a person as part of the surrounding world. A striking example is the IKEA application, where you can try on furniture right in your apartment.

AR-applications will be the most popular in the coming years, you should have no doubt about it. We all are open to opportunities for foolish creativity and, most importantly, to engage users.

The scheme for creating augmented reality is interesting. The camera of the AR device takes an image of a real object. Then the software of the device identifies the received image, selects or calculates the visual complement corresponding to the image, combines the real image with its complement and displays the final image on the visualization device. What exactly it does?

  • The technology can recognize drawings, objects and all the visuals that you enter in the database
  • With this function, you can also “try on” furniture in the house by pointing the smartphone at an empty corner in the room or shoes if there is any doubt about the size. The same applies to masks in social networks.
  • The technology can track GPS tags. For example, a user can find his car or taxi in the parking lot in 2 seconds, and also calculate the distance.
  • Users can create their own reality using only a smartphone. Thus, gamification goes to a completely different level!

The visualization device can be not only a smartphone but also a TV, a computer screen or a helmet. Sometimes widescreen devices are used, as well as projection systems capable of superimposing images not only on screens but also on any surface.

AR as your new business driver

Now the world is entering a phase of increasing demand from consumers and the rapid development of technology itself.

According to Statisa, the AR market will grow almost 8 times in the next three years and reach a value of $209 billion in 2022.

Viewing products in augmented reality online will increase sales and expand marketing opportunities, as users will have instant access to products without wasting time on additional applications. Just imagine how you can diversify the user experience and take your business to the next level.

With AR, even offline purchases become more interactive. Interaction with the packaging of goods when you can point your phone camera at the label is only the first step. This is an opportunity to create a wow-effect. This could be the new value of your product and brand as a whole.

Plus, your customers are more prepared for change than you might think. Here are some data that confirm our words:

  • 68% of users are aware of the existence of AR-technology and understand the principle of its action
  • 25% would like to use AR while shopping

These figures indicate the complete readiness of most of your customers to a new level of communication with the brand. Demand is growing, which means there is no reason to ignore AR tools. They will allow you to customize all interactions, improving the user experience and creating convenient conditions for purchases.

For your customers, this technology provides many advantages. They can:

  • Try a product before buying in a comfortable place
  • Go to a virtual tour of the store and evaluate the product from different angles

As an addition, the use of new technologies enhances customer confidence and loyalty to the brand.

According to some studies, 40% of buyers will pay more for the product after testing it through AR.

You can use augmented reality not necessarily for sales, but for storytelling, additional experience and customer pleasure.

AR gradually permeates into all spheres of life, but the technology has taken root in such areas of business:

  • Architecture and construction. Now you can see the entire project or its details at the construction site, which facilitates the builders’ work.
  • Realtor business. You can show customers all the possible variations of new apartments.
  • Medicine. Doctors can now investigate the human body more deeply, and medical students are already being taught using AR applications.
  • Art. Many modern museums are already equipped with tablets and other gadgets, allowing visitors to see a little more than exhibited in the museum hall. This is already developing into a virtual show, which could completely replace museums at all.
  • Education and military goals. In some military institutions, soldiers are trained using AR tools that simulate various combat situations.
  • The scope of entertainment. Here an incredible amount of possibilities has been discovered – from gamification in apps to full-fledged games that are completely based on AR-interactions.

If there is your area of ​​activity among this list, feel free to consider AR as one of your main development tools. If not, you are even luckier. AR is just beginning to penetrate your market, and you will be one of the first to apply technology in its business and collect the first fruits of success. And we offer our assistance in consulting and developing an AR solution for your business. Let’s discuss the future project today.