Accessibility Testing: concept, tools and examples 

Accessibility Testing is a modern approach to the ethical use of digital technologies.

According to the UN 20% of the world population are people with disabilities, that is 650 million of the total population.

5 % of them have visual disorders; they cannot distinguish the new shade of design and the graphics colorfulness. 

The new development generation adheres to the concepts of ethics and inclusiveness as the resources should be available to everyone. 

In this article, we consider modern resource testing tools and show how to use them.

What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing is a subspecies of usability testing. The main concept of inclusivity is taking into account the interests and capabilities of all users. The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland were the first countries to implement the requirements for equal development accessibility. When a site or application is designed according to the requirements, all users have access to the content, regardless of the way of perception.

What is Accessibility Testing?

Web Accessibility Initiative as a basis for inclusive development.

The International Internet Standard Web Accessibility Initiative, the standards of which concern people with disabilities, age and temporary difficulties, is dedicated to the accessibility of content. On that site you will find tests, manuals and recommendations for designers and layout designers which can help with accessibility parameters. The main development principles according to the International Internet Standard include 4 requirements for content, interface and navigation: 

Web Accessibility Initiative

Depending on the conditions met, the sites are divided into 3 levels of accessibility:




Advantages and disadvantages of Accessibility Testing

High-quality and timely testing will help to identify the points that will make the software product more accessible to all users.

A broadside approach to accessibility testing brings financial benefits to the business: it expands the segments of the target audience and increases brand awareness, stimulates innovation and increases user loyalty.

The disadvantages of testing include time costs — if QA engineers start accessibility testing untimely, you can miss the deadlines, and the client will have to wait longer for the work results. 

Accessibility Testing Tools

To test the public accessibility of a resource, you can use browser extensions.

For example, WAVE Evaluation Tool, Lighthouse and axe Dev Tools. The tools are created by Google and allow to quickly conduct a performance, accessibility and SEO audit. Let’s analyze which criteria can help to increase the accessibility indicator. 

Contrast ratio provides adequate visibility of text and visual content for people with color blindness and poor eyesight. 

Excluding elements that distract attention will help people with cognitive impairments to perceive information. It is not recommended to animation that pops up or flashes more than 3 times per second.

Readability will help you understand the meaning of what is written faster. It includes a sans-serif font and transcriptions of abbreviations.

Help with data entry, for example, automatic suggestions will simplify typing with amendments.

Implement screenreaders – applications that voice what is written on the screen. Examples of free screen readers: NVDA, Microsoft Narrator, Voiceover.

Accessibility Testing using examples of well-known companies 

In conclusion, we will give examples of companies which reached new heights with the help of accessibility testing.


Voice conferences on the social network help people with visual impairments to communicate, video chats – for deaf and dumb people and people with hearing problems.


The British retailer increased its revenue by 13 million pounds when it simplified the navigation and design of the website. The simplified version succeeded among users, not only among those who have disabilities and peculiar features.


Watch the video to see how the functions of new gadgets and development help people with disabilities.

Where there is development, there will be testing. There is no other way. In order for the software product to be executed with care for each potential client, you need to schedule time for accessibility testing in advance. To be useful, you need something more than just a completed development task. You need empathy.

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